Southern Cinderella’s Top Cleaning Supplies

I love a clean house but hate to clean. My friend Samantha, Clean Queen and CEO of Southern Cinderellas promised me if I used the correct supplies the process would be quicker and goodness gracious she was right! Below are her tried and true faves, all linked and available on my page on the app. Check out my IGTV on Instagram for the full fabulous interview with this amazing lady! And stay tuned for her fave cleaning tools!

1. Method antibacterial bathroom cleaner (spearmint). This is Samantha’s all time fave and wonderful for your basic weekly cleaning. The smell is magical.
2. Sprayway stainless steel cleaner. The best for all things stainless steel. This is tried and true from the Clean Queen who has tried them all.
3. Magic Eraser sheets. Just like their counterpart the sponge but SHEETS. Great for microwaves, sinks, baseboards etc.
4. Rain X Shower. Makes keeping your shower glass clean and water resistant a breeze!
5. Soft Scrub Cleanser. The only thing I can get to clean my shower, even better than just pure bleach.
6. Bar Keepers Friend is excellent for stainless steel sinks, cook tops and tubs.
7. Sprayway Glass Cleaner. Simply the best and stays streak free the longest.
8. Krud Kutter is excellent for that mold and mildew buildup in tubs and showers.
9. Method Vinegar Gel Cleanser. Good for all the things. Great for a daily cleaner for tubs and sinks.
Stay tuned, stay safe and stay clean!