Here is some info on my organizing process. My base pricing is as follows:
$75 per hour for me
$50 per hour for my lead organizer
($125 an hour for both)

I take a $200 non refundable or transferable (illnesses and emergencies are exceptions) deposit to schedule a consultation and for every future day saved. This $200 will be credited towards all work by myself and my Lead Organizer on the day(s) scheduled. At the initial consultation you will show my lead organizer and I your home and the spaces that need immediate attention. We will then begin the planning phases and design your spaces, i.e. which containers (bins, canisters etc.) would go where. This consultation is done completely at your home and  is billed at the same hourly rate as all the other hours are billed ($125 for a Danielle and I together). There is often a balance due at the end of a consultation.

At the end of the consultation, I will create your shopping cart with all items that have been approved by you. You will order at that time and have the items shipped to your house for our next appointment.

At or before the consultation we will schedule the actual organizing appointment to organize your spaces with the products you have purchased.

I know this is a lot of information so feel free to give me a call or text if you’d like further explanation!