Summer 2019 Fresh Approach to Organization

Let’s start this summer 2019 with some fresh ideas about how we approach organization!

The goal for this summer is to regain possession of our possessions and no longer let them possess us.

Start by analyzing what you like/love/need. If items are cluttering your home and fill none of these criteria, they must go! I encourage recycling and provide a consignment concierge service for my clients. This way you know with confidence your items are not going to the landfill and if there is ahome for them, it will be found.

The next step is inventory. Once you have only the items you like/love/need, you have a mental awareness of what you own which puts an end to unnecessary and extraneous spending. If we can clearly see that we own 3 black long sleeve shirts, we will know not to pick one up the next time we are tempted to do so.

Ensure that your possessions are properly contained and categorized. Are you someone who enjoys seeing your items displayed?

If so, for example, display your purses in a way that makes you feel as if you are visiting a boutique every time you walk into your closet. Do you like everything out of sight for a clean line of vision? Consider for example, labeled bins to hold your winter gear (scarves, hats).

When things are tidy and aesthetically pleasing we are much more likely to maintain and even enjoy the process of tidying up!

Step back and enjoy the end result. You have now created an environment filled with the things you love the most. More often than not, this fills a void that is generally filled by unnecessary spending. This lifestyle change also encourages time management, thus increasing our time spent doing the things we love with the people we love. Here’s to 2019! May it be your most fruitful and organized year yet.