Top Tips for Summer Travel Packing

School is out and the weather is warm,

‘tis the season to travel!

I get many questions about the best way to stay organized when traveling and as you may assume, it is all about proper preparation!

Below are my top tips for a smooth packing experience and how to maintain this organization throughout your trip.

  • PLANNING is the first and most important step in this process. I recommend planning every single day’s clothing and accessories based on the forecast and scheduled activities. Obviously, you need extras and to prepare for weather shifts but DO plan each day.

For children go as detailed as the following example:

Day 1 of Disney Trip (Magic Kingdom 85 degrees: weather appropriate outfit, change of clothes, sun hat, diapers)

Day 2 of Disney Trip (Resort Pool 88 degrees): swimsuit, swim diaper, outfit for nap time, outfit for dinner, diapers)

To do the above will obviously take an extensive amount of planning and research but you will end up saving more stress and time than you can even imagine! With children, this also provides them with the additional independence they crave. With this system, they can find the day’s outfit and dress themselves rather than searching within a mess of clothing and putting together an outfit their parents will not approve of.

  • PACKING CUBES are the best way to stay organized during your trip and are wonderful due to their reusable nature. You can use these to contain each day’s items or for categories. All pants in one, all tops in one, etc. I prefer to use a particular cube for each day’s items.


  • UNPACK when possible. Even if you are staying in a small space with limited storage, there ought to be enough space to house your clothes other than in your suitcase. And if your luggage just HAS to be where you unpack, be mindful of this and create a system.

As you use your items and wear your clothes, be mindful of how they go back in your suitcase. Overall, you need your used clothing together for laundry and the rest of your items to maintain their organization (accessories, toiletries). With this, I recommend while traveling to fill your empty packing cubes and designate them as laundry so that when you head home you can pack your suitcase the same way you did on your way out and put the puzzle back together!

In closing, plan ahead and be mindful of the space you are using and the puzzle you have put together in your suitcase as you travel. Cheers to a safe and organized travel season!!