Just Start

Being a mom is hard, maintaining a household is hard. We all suffer from many of the same issues and while we know many of our so called problems are nothing compared to what others deal with, they still tend to plague us greatly. I have often felt like many small issues are greater than one large one (quickly and strongly knocks on the closest piece of wood) .

This is why I ask you to reflect on ORGANIZATION as an important element of SELF CARE. Not a luxury, not even always a necessity but truly a SELF CARE element that will keep you happy, functioning at a high level and with enough time for those that matter.

Why on earth would we NOT save ourselves the constant stress and aggravation of not knowing where things are, often lending itself to unnecessary and extraneous spending??
So whether it’s using a professional organizer, beginning the DIY process or simply taking a trash bag and decluttering the you-know-what out of your space, I implore you, JUST START. And do it now.