My GO-TO Organizing Items



It’s time for my first real, fabulous blog post! I’m highlighting what everyone generally asks about… my favorite GO-TO organizing products! I’m dividing this into separate posts so that I can give each item its proper due. First let’s start with all of my favorite bins because they are the foundation of the containment portion of organization:

White Plastic Bins: These are LITERALLY my number one organizing product. I’ve used this in kitchen cabinets, pantries, retail spaces, garages, bathroom cabinets, linen closets, nurseries, freezers… you get the gist. I love these bins because they come in four different sizes to handle all of the things from crayons to bed sheets. They are short enough that you can tell what is inside them but they are tall enough that they contain the bulk of an unsightly mess. A whole mess of them together is so uniform and fabulous and takes the craziness out of a space. These label fabulously from plain small labels to big colorful images from the Cricut label maker. I have to say the very best thing about these bins is that they’re very affordable. If you’re hoping to get organized and unsure where to start, buy yourself a set of these. You cannot lose! What you don’t use in one space will absolutely find a home in another.

Water Hyacinth Bin: When you’re looking to contain the mess and step up your “organizational design” game, you buy these. These are simple and beautiful and strong and functional. I love a space with all of these but I truly love a healthy sprinkling of them. For example, a row or two in a pantry or linen closet. Just enough to contain the bulkiest messes and clean up the visual area but not so much where there’s nothing else mixing up the aesthetic and visual design. I like to hide some items but not all of them. Again, these are valuable in all of the spaces and come in multiple sizes. My favorite use for these is the pantry and closet. I generally call on these for an exposed shelving spot.

Affordable Clear Bins: My clients so often want clear bins so that they can see what’s inside of them but so often don’t want to pay what is generally around $20 a bin for the top-of-the-line clear options. These fit these specific needs perfectly. They are clear, attractive, affordable, label so beautifully and come in various sizes.

Pricier Clear Bin: These are the prettiest clear bins I’ve seen and listen, I’ve seen them all. They are crystal clear, very strong, come in alllllll of the sizes and have the sweetest detail around the handle. They are my favorite and if not for their cost, they would be in every space of my home. When I do an entire pantry, bathroom etc. with these, I get PUMPED. The durability of these is top of the line.

Cloth Bin: It’s always nice to have a less rigid option and these cloth bins are just that and SO MUCH MORE. Again, they come in various sizes and I love them in closets and playrooms. I especially love that they have a very large option for stuffed animals, etc. Nurseries and master closets are by far my favorite spaces for these. The short size is wonderful for file folding clothes in a closet in place of a drawer.

Wire and Copper Bin: Oh geez… these are exquisite to insert decoratively into a space. They are of course see through and also just beautiful. I like that the handle is copper so that it’s just a hint pretty but not overbearing. These are great in linen closets but my favorite place to put them is in pantries. They somehow scream farmhouse AND modern. These come in very unique sizes as well to ensure a custom fit on even the most awkward shelves.

Bin Clip Labels: These are a must have for most bins that contain and conceal so that you don’t forget you’ve placed your “Overflow” items on the top shelf and that you must look there before you purchase more Olive Oil for example. The square option comes in every fabulous color and finish you could desire and really takes your space to the next level, especially when a lovely font is used on them. The circular option is great for cloth and cube bins as they fit much tighter on the bin.

All of these pieces are available on my account. Please let me know if you need any help accessing the app or need any different container options!

Enjoy and Happy Organizing!