The Shelving Store & How it Transformed My Spaces

This space has always been a conundrum for us. It’s wonderful and valuable but its shape and placement create all kinds of confusion which generally translate to mess and a lack of function. As seen below:

The custom shelving we got from The Shelving Store transformed this space and I am finally FREE from reorganizing and fussing with it! The shelving is the perfect width and depth to accommodate our space and still allow room for cleaning and hanging items. CAN. YOU. EVEN?

I also truly needed a space for my virtual learners to grab their items they needed for school and to be able to learn in whatever space they chose. Occasionally they do their “virtual learning” at my parent’s house as well, so they needed their school items to be easy to grab & go. This piece allowed for this beautifully.

One of the kid’s favorite items from :// were these amazing lockers. These ACTUALLY got my children excited about learning. They continue to improve and organize their lockers every day and they have become such a “can’t live without” in our virtual learning organizational process.

I want to highlight a few of the details that separate this shelving from its competitors:

  1. Customizable. How often can you find something JUST the right size for that narrow but deep closet? Or to accommodate your small shirts that take up no depth but need multiple layers? These are just examples of all of our random storage needs that are so tough to control. We generally piece together different organizational methods to fix all of their issues. INSTEAD…. solve with just one solution which is a custom fit set of shelves. You can choose your height, depth, material and number of shelves. This can actually and quite literally solve all of the storage problems.
  2. Customized Liners. Having a liner on a shelf is EVERYTHING. If you’re putting small items on, they won’t slip through the cracks or lean one way or the other. My favorite can riser always has trouble sitting on wire shelves for this reason but would not with these liners! They are attractive, add an additional aesthetic element and are cut perfectly to avoid the rods. No muss, no fuss, just a perfect, high quality liner.
  3. Attachments. Shelf dividers are so wonderful and help keep things from falling into each other, ruining the organizational design. They also offer various attachments that slip easily on like one for paper and one with more width and depth that is great for so many things. It would be good to keep sensory items like play-doh low for the youngest kid to grab on their own while you teach the older kid, for example. We use it for finished drawings and artwork that the kids need accessible to give out to visitors (as is their sweet habit) but are completed.

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