Zero Stress Christmas Checklist & Guideline

Hello my organizing loving buddies!

It is officially OCTOBER and whether that means you’re team pumpkin spice for life or you don’t even enjoy Halloween (oh the horrors), the Holiday Season is quickly approaching and Christmas will be here before we even know it! In fact it is in exactly 82 DAYS folks!!

Make sure to print my Christmas Checklist to help yourself stay ahead of the game and in a place where you can enjoy the Holidays and be present for your family for once!! We waste too many special memories chasing our tails when a little preparation would’ve made an eternal difference. And remember, this is coming from someone who is naturally BAD AT ALL OF THIS. So folks if I can do it, you 100% can! Let’s thrive together for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Once you’ve printetd the checklist below, it’s time to break down the items on the list a little further!

  1. FAMILY PICTURES: If you haven’t already, it is TIME to get your family pictures done in preparation for Christmas Cards!! If you nix the professional photos this year, you may want to go ahead and start designing your Christmas Cards on whatever website you generally use. TIME SAVING TIP: Use a website like Shutterfly who gives amazing discounts for Christmas cards nearer the Holidays and ALSO allows you to store your addresses in their address book. Splurge on the small amount extra and let them address and mail cards so you don’t even have to touch them!
  2. PICK A THEME: This is the fun part! Are you going Nutcrackers everywhere?! Colorful Christmas, Grinch themed or classic? Decide now so that you can select matching wrapping paper, decorations, Christmas Cards etc.!
  3. CREATE A DECEMBER CALENDAR: I’ll be sending out a fabulous printable template with a blank December Calendar as well as one already filled in to give you ideas! The key is to make sure we don’t overschedule but still get all of the important activities and tasks scheduled!
  4. SCHEDULE DECORATING: Go ahead and find a free weekend based around how long you like your Christmas decorations to be up and clear it so you can put them up an enjoy the season! If you prefer to hire someone to decorate for you, make sure to get on their books early as these days fill quickly!
  5. GIFT WRAP STATION: Create a gift wrapping station ASAP! Use our favorite ​gift wrap organizer​ for over the door wrapping in a hall closet or even clear a corner of your dining room for the season. This way, as items come in you can immediately wrap them and avoid the Christmas Eve scaries!
  6. CREATE A GIFT-GIVING LIST: To avoid missing important folks, scrambling for teacher gifts etc. (where IS that list of teacher’s favorite things??) go ahead and make a list for all people you need to buy for and gift options.
  7. PREP BAKING SUPPLIES: Decide what annual cookie baking day will look like and buy all necessary ingredients. Check that your sugar isn’t from 1999 while you’re at it!
  8. PLAN FOR POST CHRISTMAS CLEAN UP: Have those black trash bags ready for gift opening days and keep in mind storage as you buy new gifts for your home. When you decorate, really decide if you want to keep the decorations that you are NOT putting up. They are serving no one as they collect dust in your attic year after year. Donate them and clear space for your new items! Plan storage as you will put these items away in January so it will be simple and stress free! I will send out an email with our storage favorites soon!